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Hooray For HORRORHOUND WEEKEND Indianapolis!


ABOVE: Monsters run amuck (I love that word) at HORRORHOUND WEEKEND!

I’ve just returned home from a whirlwind of an event called HORRORHOUND WEEKEND, held in Indianapolis, Indiana, where I appeared alongside guests such as the legendary George Romero, Elvira, author Clive Barker, Doug “Pinhead” Bradley, Ashley Laurence, Richard Lynch, Tom Savini, Sid “Capt. Spaulding” Haig, Ken Foree, Ari “Jason” Lehman, Tom Noonan, Robert “Maniac Cop” Z’Dar, and many, many more! My head is still spinning. This event took off from the moment the doors opened and never let up until closing time three days later!

ABOVE: Jim O’Rear with the one-and-only Elvira.

HORRORHOUND was actually three events combined into one. It was a horror convention, a Maskfest (filled with awesome sculptures), and a gathering and celebration of Horror Hosts. Needless to say, with that much going on it drew in THOUSANDS of people.

ABOVE: Sid Haig (DEVIL’S REJECTS) and Jim O’Rear clown around.

I arrived at the hotel on Thursday and immediately ran into my buddy Sid Haig (HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES), who was also in early to get the lay of the land. I was appearing at this event to help director Cameron Scott promote his new movie POST MORTEM AMERICA 2021 (in which I star with Linnea Quigley, Monique Dupree, Michelle Shields, Melanie Robel, April Burril, Joel Wyncoop, and many others) and to take part in HORRORHOUND’s DAY OF THE DEAD 25th Anniversary Reunion (a film that got me my start in the horror genre).

ABOVE: Jim O’Rear reunites with old friend and prolific actor Dan Roebuck (LOST, THE FUGITIVE, MATLOCK).

After finding the table where I would be appearing for the weekend, I grabbed some dinner with Cameron Scott and zombie actor Dennis Lamka before retiring for some much needed rest. We were in for a hectic weekend.

ABOVE: Jim O’Rear and Tom Savini (FROM DUSK TIL DAWN, PLANET TERROR) visit with each other on the convention floor.

I arrived on the floor early Friday morning to set up and was greeted by the legendary Tom Savini. After a few minutes of catching up with Tom I helped him unload his vehicle and bring in his wares for the show before going to the POST MORTEM table to set up. Vendors were, also, busily setting up shop and it appeared as if there was going to be a TON of cool merchandise on the showroom floor!

ABOVE: Director Cameron Scott sits at the POST MORTEM table ready to promote the film to the fans.

Satisfied with the set up, Cameron, Dennis, and I joined zombie artist extraordinaire Billy Tackett and his wife Heather for a quick bite to eat at Red Lobster. With no time to be wasted, our feeding frenzy was over and it was time to return to the hotel for last minute preparations.

ABOVE: Ken Foree (DAWN OF THE DEAD) tries to break off Jim O’Rear’s fingers!

After a few tweaks to the table I ran into Ken Foree (DAWN OF THE DEAD, DEVIL’S REJECTS), Ashley Laurence (HELLRAISER), and Sid Haig. We joked around for a bit before Ken and Sid asked me to join them for lunch. Even though I had just eaten, when Ken and Sid ask you to hang out… you hang out. This outing was filled with great stories and an extremely humorous bit of dialogue involving Ken and Sid arguing about where the Hollywood Farmer’s Market is located. You had to be there!

ABOVE: Louise Robey (FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE SERIES, RAW DEAL) greets fans on the convention floor.

After my second lunch, it was time for the show to open… which it did with a bang. A line of people wrapped down the hallway and out the doors awaiting entrance to the event. You could feel the excitement in the air.

ABOVE: Jim O’Rear standing on his toes trying to be as tall as Tom Noonan (MANHUNTER, MONSTER SQUAD).

I mentioned that this three day event was also three events combined. One of these events was the MaskFest where mask makers and sculpters from around the states came to share their craft. There were some GREAT items on display here. I was especially excited to see my old friends David and Laura Lady (of HORROR HOTEL) and Cortlandt Hull (of THE WITCHES DUNGEON). Here are some photos of just a few of the items on display at MaskFest.

ABOVE: A few of the extremely detailed masks that were on display.

ABOVE: The creepy dummy from MAGIC (I’m not talking about Anthony Hopkins!).

ABOVE: Is it me or does this look like a really creepy Carol Burnett?

ABOVE: Props from the HELLRAISER movies.

ABOVE: Evil looking bugger, isn’t he?


ABOVE: Ya gotta love Vincent Price!

ABOVE: Anyone for some Romero Cereal?

I kept returning to MaskFest during my tiny breaks just to stare at the awesome works the artists brought with them.


Back on the horror convention side, there were movie screenings, celebrity Q&As, signings, and goodies galore. Running gag of the show…. “Pinhead is Jim O’Rear’s father!” I’ll explain. Someone saw Doug “Pinhead” Bradley (HELLRAISER) and I together a few years ago and asked if Doug was my father (maybe it’s the similar hairstyle!). I cracked up. Sooooo…. Throughout the show various people who knew me would walk up to Doug’s table and ask him if he was my Dad. Finally, on Sunday afternoon, I got him to flip me a bird over the whole gag (either that or he was saying that I was “Number 1”). That was just some of the fun, though. I’ll just let a few more photos speak for themselves:

ABOVE: Doug “Pinhead” Bradley (HELLRAISER) and Jim O’Rear

ABOVE: Legendary George A. Romero and Jim O’Rear


ABOVE: Terry Alexander (DAY OF THE DEAD, NYPD BLUE) and Jim O’Rear

ABOVE: Jarlath Conroy (DAY OF THE DEAD, LAW & ORDER) and Jim O’Rear

ABOVE: Ari “Jason” Lehman (FRIDAY THE 13TH, HELLEPHONE) and Jim O’Rear square off for battle.

ABOVE: Jim O’Rear and Playboy model/actress Alex Del Monacco.

There were plenty of nighttime activities, too… bands, a Vampira look-alike contest, fire shows, and more. Here’s a few more glimpses at the show:

ABOVE: Finalists in the Vampira look-alike contest.

ABOVE: Cherokee Hall holding his newest prized possession… an autographed photo of Robert “Manic Cop” Z’Dar.

ABOVE: Fun with Hula Hoops!

ABOVE: Robot Chicken in the house!!

It’s hard to detail the weekend, as I have in past blogs, because it was so rapid fire. I remember talking, promoting, doing a radio interview, visiting with old and new friends, listing to music, and more… but, it’s really quite a blur! Maybe I just need some sleep!

ABOVE: Jim O’Rear with Mike Christopher (DAWN OF THE DEAD).

HORRORHOUND WEEKEND was a blast! The three days flew by like they were nothing. I look forward to appearing at another one of these events in the future! Thank you to the thousands who came out to enjoy the fun and to everyone who stopped by the table to say hello and support POST MORTEM AMERICA 2021.

ABOVE: Robert “Maniac Cop” Z’Dar and Richard Lynch clown around.

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