Saturday, January 17, 2009

SCREAM FARM Becomes A Comic Book!

Hello, SCARS Readers!!!

My zombie film SCREAM FARM (see the featured article in the current issue of SCARS Magazine) just finished a successful run on cable television and is now set to become a comic book! Being a life-long fan of comic books, graphic novels, and zombies, this is exciting news to me.

For those of you unfamiliar with SCREAM FARM, shame on you!!! Ha ha ha The movie follows a group of students who build a Halloween haunted house to help raise money for their senior class trip. The students get more than they bargained for, however, when they come across a substance in the building that begins turning them, and the townspeople, into flesh-craving zombies.

The movie features myself, Ted Alderman (VAMPYRE TALES), Kimberly Lynn Cole (DEAD CLOWNS), and Maria Kil (THE DEEPENING) with tons of zombies and martial arts action!

Critics say:

“SCREAM FARM is an action-packed fun fest with zombies like you’ve never seen
them before!”
--- Horror Movie News

“There’s no shortage of bloody mayhem!”
--- Horror Yearbook

“Well thought-out action sequences.”
--- Zombie Movie Database

“A delightful flick full of blood, guts, fighting, dead people, nudity, quirky scenes, zombie diners, zombie dinners, delectable language, and just crazy fun.”
--- OmegaCon Film Festival Review

SCREAM FARM was originally released on DVD and on cable under the title THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, but I’m told that it is now going to be re-released under its original title (SCREAM FARM) to coincide with the release of the comic book.

All of this is “breaking news,” so it’s going to be a couple of months before we begin to see any artwork, but I’ll be sure to share some of it with the SCARS readers as I learn more.

In the meantime… I hope you enjoy these photos from the set of SCREAM FARM!

Thanks For Reading!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WELCOME TO 2009!!!

Hello, SCARS Readers!!

Welcome to 2009! This year promises to be filled with lots of horrific surprises and, as soon as I get caught up from the holidays, I’ll be updating you on the news as it happens!

A sneak peek forward into what you can expect to see in this blog during 2009…

1) News and info about several films I worked on in 2008 that will be released this year, including THE DEAD MATTER (with Andrew “The Wishmaster” Divoff, Tom Savini, and Jason Carter), OLD HABITS DIE HARD (with Kane “Jason” Hodder, Tricia Cast, Roger Hewlett, and Stacey Dixon), HELL-EPHONE (with Ari “Jason” Lehman, John “Grandpa” Dugan, Daniel “Swamp Boy” Taylor, and Playmate Alex Del Monico), and DOG (with Debbie Rochon, Tom Sullivan, and Michelle Page)… just to name a few.

2) Exclusive reports from the sets of films I am working on in 2009, including POST MORTEM AMERICA (with Linnea Quigley and Monique Dupree), DARK MOON (with Tina Krause and Rachel Robbins), HELL-OWEEN (with wrestler Al Snow, Playmate Alex Del Monico, Daniel Emery Taylor, and G Larry Butler), BLACK MAGIC (a spooky horror tale), THONG GIRL 4 (with Playmate Alex DelMonaco and Lloyd Kaufman), and ABERRATION (werewolves make a comeback)… and several that I’m not allowed to mention, as of yet.

3) Reports from the convention circuit at various shows I will be appearing at in 2009, including the FULL MOON TATTOO AND HORROR FEST (with Chris Sarandon, Gunnar Hansen, Kane Hodder, Ed Neal, the Evil Dead Girls, Ken Foree, and more), RIPLEY’S HAUNTED ADVENTURE (always a fun time), DARK CARNIVAL (a week-long celebration of horror), IMAGICON (where fantasy, the paranormal, and horror meet), NASHVILLE COMIC AND HORROR FEST (the perfect mixture of horror and comic books), and more.

4) Reports from the road during my book signing tour… promoting my new paranormal book TENNESSEE GHOSTS (available in stores now… hint, hint). Plus news on a brand new book I'm currently working on.

5) Exclusive horror movie scoops I learn about while working with various actors and production personnel.

AND much, much more!!

I hope everyone is ready to have a great 2009! I’ll be back soon!

Thanks for reading,