Saturday, February 21, 2009

Birmingham/Hoover, Alabama, Paranormal Book Signing!


If you are in the Birmingham/Hoover Alabama area next weekend (February 28th), please join me at the Barnes & Noble Patton Creek store location as I sign copies of my new paranormal book TENNESSEE GHOSTS.

The store is located at 171 Main Street, Hoover, AL, 35244 and the phone number for further information is (205) 682-4467. I will be signing at 10:00am.

I hope to see you there!!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Film Prodigies And Legends


I am posting this message for NVH about a book being released soon that I'm featured in, alongside several other professionals in the horror film industry. Check it out.

It is almost time…for…
Pre-order now for a May release, complete with FREE shipping anywhere in the USA!


Foreword by Roberta Lannes
Countess Dracula : Ingrid Pitt
Hellraiser’s Butterball Cenobite : Simon Bamford
The Godfather Of Gore: Herschell Gordon Lewis
The Dark Backward: Director Adam Rifkin
Chainsaw Sally creators JimmyO and April Monique Burril
Actor, writer, producer Jim O’Rear
Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Edwin Neal
Girls & Corpses Magazine editor Robert Steven Rhine
FX Wizard Mike McCarty
Midnight Syndicate’s Edward Douglas
Gutterballs actor Dan Ellis
Scream Queen Monique Dupree
Spoken word performer Ryan ‘’Rat’’ Travis
Special guest interview: Dr. Hannibal Lecter
Crypt Club Productions CEO Miguel Gallego
A Man of new horrors: Director Paul Solet
Actor Paul J. Alessi
Screenwriter Paul Hart Wilden
Saint Productions Jon Price
Scream Queen Scarlet Salem
Domain of the Damned director Stacy Davidson
Ed Gein director Chuck Parello
Gruesome Slime guy Gregory Lamberson
The Cemetery Artist / fiction by David Byron { dedication to director Chuck Parello}
Joan Crawford Has Risen From The Grave – a screenplay for short film / David Byron
Afterword by Michael McCarty

Film Prodigies & Legends is a collection of in depth interviews with some of the most exciting celebrities from yesterday and today. Old faces, new faces, it is all here.
Featuring ‘'The Godfather Of Gore'' himself, Herschell Gordon Lewis and former Hammer Films scream siren Ingrid Pitt heading up the yearbook section; Texas Chainsaw Massacre alumni Edwin Neal, Hellraiser Butterball cenobite Simon Bamford head up the 70s & 80s section, and newcomers FX wizard Mike McCarty and scream Queens Monique Dupree and April Burril - aka Chainsaw Sally - add special insight into the world of the present day horror film industry.
Filmmakers, actresses, actors, FX artists, screenwriters, poets, spoken word performance artists, they are all here in Film Prodigies & Legends.

Just $19.95. Ships in May.
Pre-order now for FREE shipping!

Thanks For Reading!!!
Jim O'Rear

Sunday, February 8, 2009


SCARS Readers,

Please join me at Barnes & Noble locations for in-store signings of my new paranormal book, TENNESSEE GHOSTS. Upcoming dates and locations are listed below. Please check out my website ( for additional details and news on more signings in your area!

Feb 28 – 10 am Barnes & Noble Patton Creek - Hoover, Alabama

March 7 - 1 pm Barnes & Noble Opry Mills – Nashville, Tennessee

April 18 – 12 pm Barnes & Noble Fayetteville Square – Fayetteville, Georgia

June 13 – 3 pm Barnes & Noble Hamilton Place – Chattanooga, Tennessee

Hope to see you there!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

HELL-EPHONE Is Coming!!!

SCARS Readers…

Just a quick update to give you a sneak peek at a new film I’m in called HELL-EPHONE. In this one, I appear along with Ari Lehman (“Jason” in the original Friday The 13th), Daniel Emery Taylor (Return Of Swamp Thing), Playmate Alex Del Monacco, and John Dugan (“Grandpa” in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

HELL-EPHONE was written and directed by George Bonilla of ZP International… the gang that brought you Monstrosity, The Edison Death Machine, and Zombie Planet… and tells the story of a prank gone wrong.

A group of college students, led by The Circuit Maker, a Svengali-like professor, make prank calls to funeral homes. After intently researching the obituaries, they try and convince whoever answers the call that they are the deceased calling from the great beyond. As the prank gets larger than life, gaining national attention, they attempt the biggest prank ever: they will 'Hell-ephone' the funeral of a recently executed serial killer, known as the Sea Monster. When the Sea Monster's mother drops dead after taking the call, the kids start showing up dead. Mike Stone, the lead detective on the Sea Monster case, is convinced that the Sea Monster has returned from the grave to avenge his mother's death. The rest of the police force, however, doesn't buy that theory. Now cavorting with the ultimate evil on the other side; has the Sea Monster been given the power to come back and continue the reign of terror that was interrupted for ten years while he sat on Death Row?

Looks like this one is going to premiere in Chattanooga later this month. For more information, check out ZP’s website at:

Here’s a look at the movie’s trailer:


Thanks for reading!!