Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hello, Friends…

Several people have asked, at my convention appearances, if they could purchase a photo album that I carry around with me filled with promotional movie shots, behind the scenes pictures, and rare photos. Unfortunately, the hardback album is the only one I had… until now!

MagCloud Publishing now has a 36-page Pictorial Magazine of many of these photos all collected at an affordable price! It includes pictures from tons of my films, such as Scream Farm, The Dead Matter, Hell House, The Deepening, Old Habits Die Hard, It Came From Trafalgar, The Devil’s Playground, The Vampyre Wars, and many others.

You can order your own copy here:

Hope you enjoy it!!!!


Friday, January 8, 2010



Here is the first sneak-peek trailer for a new comedy/horror zombie film I did called HVAC ZOMBIES. Lots of silly humor and gore to come later this year! Whooo Hoooo! (Warning... some strong language is in the trailer.)

HVAC Zombies Trailer from James Houk on Vimeo.


Hi, Friends....

Welcome to 2010!!!

To start the new year out, a book has just been released called FILM PRODIGIES AND LEGENDS. I was asked to be a part of this book, along with several classics from the horror genre, such as Ingrid Pitt, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Ed Neal, Monique Dupree, and many more. Below is some info about the book (sent from the publisher) and links where the book can be purchased.

Film Prodigies & Legends Includes Chapters On...

Countess Dracula: Ingrid Pitt
Hellraiser’s Butterball Cenobite: Simon Bamford
The Godfather Of Gore: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Actor, writer, producer Jim O’Rear
The Dark Backward: Director Adam Rifkin
Chainsaw Sally creators Jimmy O and April Monique Burril
Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s Edwin Neal
Girls & Corpses Magazine editor Robert Steven Rhine
FX Wizard Mike McCarty
Midnight Syndicate’s Edward Douglas
Gutterballs actor Dan Ellis
Scream Queen Monique Dupree
Spoken word performer Ryan ‘’Rat’’ Travis
Special guest interview: Dr. Hannibal Lecter
Chris Ringler
Crypt Club Productions CEO Miguel Gallego
A Man of New Horrors: Director Paul Solet
Actor Paul J. Alessi
Screenwriter Paul Hart Wilden
Saint Productions Jonathan Price
Scream Queen Scarlet Salem
Domain of the Damned Director Stacy Davidson
Ed Gein director Chuck Parello
Gruesome Slime Guy Gregory Lamberson
The Cemetery Artist / fiction by David Byron
Joan Crawford Has Risen From the Grave – a screenplay for short film / David Byron
Afterword by Michael McCarty

This book may be purchased through Bear Manor Media and on the NVF Films bookstore located here

Or… on Amazon, here