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Another B-Movie Celebration has come and gone. The annual 3-day celebration of the independent film industry is always something to look forward to as it brings a very unique festival to the circuit. Held in Franklin, IN, this year’s celebration did not disappoint.

ABOVE: Producer Bill Dever, Jim O’Rear, and Jim Wynorski await the world premiere of MONSTER CRUISE.

Friday started with a bang…the world premiere of a family comedy that I’m in titled MONSTER CRUISE. This flick, directed by the legendary Jim Wynorski (RETURN OF SWAMP THING, CHOPPING MALL), was filled with sea monsters, mermaids, and hunts for pirate treasure. The audience members inside the packed theater seemed to really enjoy themselves. The pre-movie and post-movie parties allowed cast, crew, and attendees to mingle and discuss the making of the film. Great food and fun! Here are a few photos from the premiere and the parties:

ABOVE: Stacey Dixon (OLD HABITS DIE HARD) peeks around at Daniel Taylor (RETURN OF THE SWAMP THING), Jim O’Rear, and Bryan Wilson (UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT) outside the Historic Artcraft Theater.

ABOVE: Jane Jensen (TROMEO & JULIET) opens the premiere of MONSTER CRUISE.

ABOVE: Daniel Taylor peeks over Bryan Wilson and Stacey Dixon at the MONSTER CRUISE party.

ABOVE: The theatre fills for MONSTER CRUISE.

ABOVE: Ervin Ross & Shay Dickerhoff, co-stars in MONSTER CRUISE.

Saturday was filled with activities, including film screenings, educational filmmaking seminars, and more. As time permitted, Bryan Wilson and I also shot more wacky footage for UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT: THE MOVIE ( I participated in a director’s panel and Bryan and I hosted a Q&A about our old television series UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT.

ABOVE:Daniel Taylor unleashes the angry hamster filming a segment for UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT: THE MOVIE.


ABOVE: Ed Douglas (THE DEAD MATTER), Thomas Burdinski (THE ITALIAN ZOMBIE MOVIE), Jim O’Rear, and Bryan Wilson look at some shocking reading material.

ABOVE: Jim O’Rear, Dr Ivan Cryptosis, and Bryan Wilson await more seminars.

Saturday night was The Golden Cob Awards ceremony, honoring excellence in independent cinema and genre entertainment. After a rather lengthy opening by a band and several comedians, the awards portion of the ceremony got underway. I was honored to receive, for the second year in a row, the Golden Cob for “Best Leading Man/Actor” and a Cob as “Television Pioneer” for UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT.

ABOVE: Jessica Cameron (RESURRECTION), Jim O’Rear, and Bryan Wilson pose for the paparazzi with their Cob Awards.

ABOVE: Jim O’Rear & Brooke Lewis (SLIME CITY MASSACRE).

ABOVE: The Golden Cob Awards.

Afterwards, Bryan and I rushed over to a screening of my recently released film THE DEAD MATTER (featuring Andrew Divoff, Tom Savini, and Jason Carter). The director, Ed Douglas, was in attendance, as well.

ABOVE: Jim O’Rear and Ed Douglas at THE DEAD MATTER.

Following the screening it was time for some dinner and a trip to a local haunted house, FEAR FAIR, that had just opened that same day in Seymour, IN. Bryan Wilson, Ed Douglas, Daniel & Ami Taylor (RETURN OF THE SWAMP THING, ROAD TRIP), and Chuck Budreau (BEVERLY LANE) hopped in Ed’s van for a short road trip. FEAR FAIR was an awesome haunt (special thanks to Joanna for the invite)… well worth the drive from Franklin.

ABOVE: The entrance to the fantastic FEAR FAIR HAUNTED ATTRACTION.

ABOVE: Ed Douglas (THE DEAD MATTER) and Jim O’Rear outside FEAR FAIR.

Afterwards, Ed Douglas (THE DEAD MATTER) introduced us to the wonderfulness of Waffle House’s blueberry waffles. Apparently, Ed has a regular craving for the sweet treat from “The House.” It was yummy goodness…but probably won’t replace my unnatural craving for their loaded hash browns.

ABOVE: A late-night trip to “The House” with Bryan Wilson, Jim O’Rear, Ed Douglas, Daniel and Ami Taylor, and Chuck Budreau.

Sunday offered more movie screenings and seminars as well as a little more time to shoot a few more gags for UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT: THE MOVIE. That brought a close to this year’s B-Movie Celebration; a fun event that I hope continues for many years to come.

ABOVE: Bryan Wilson & Jim O’Rear film a segment for UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT: THE MOVIE with the famous Bryan & Jim Dolls.

ABOVE: Daniel Taylor (ROAD TRIP) loves his Bryan & Jim Dolls.

ABOVE: Yes, for those wondering, Taint made an appearance!

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