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ABOVE: Jim O’Rear At The B-Movie Celebration.

I was asked by several people to post ASAP the results of the Golden Cob Awards. So…. Live, from Shelbyville, Indiana… at The B-Movie Celebration… Here I am! For those of you who haven’t been following the story, The Cob Awards are for excellence in low budget cinema. This year’s nominees ranged from Roger Corman to Lloyd Kaufman to Ray Harryhausen to Elvira to John Carpenter. It was a who’s-who of independent cinema!

I was surprised and honored to be nominated this year for Best B-Movie Actor. I was nominated against Monique Parent (WALKER TEXAS RANGER) and B-Movie King Bruce Campbell (THE EVIL DEAD, ARMY OF DARKNESS, BURN NOTICE). It was, basically, a given that Bruce Campbell would win this award by a landslide. Well, the results are in and the waiting is over.

What happened, you ask? Let’s just say it was one of the biggest upsets in award show history as I stole the award from Bruce Campbell! Yes, I won the Golden Cob this evening for Best B-Movie Actor! Whooo Hoooo! Here are a couple of photos:

ABOVE: Jim O’Rear accepts the award for Best B-Movie Actor from presenter Bill Dever.

ABOVE: Jim O’Rear (Best B-Movie Actor), Lola Wallace (Emerging B Filmmaker), and Nic Brown (Super Fan Award).

The winners of the evening were:

Best Scream Queen: Debbie Rochon
Best B-Movie Actor: Jim O’Rear
Best Efx: Tom Devlin
Best Director: Jim Wynorski
Lifetime Achievement Award: Roger Corman
Lifetime Achievement For Horror Host: Vampira
Rising B-Movie Star: Tucky Williams
Best Writer (Screenplay): Mark Poole
Best Soundtrack: John Carpenter (Halloween)
Best DVD Release: Poultrygeist
Best Emerging B Filmmaker: Lola Wallace
Super Fan Award: Nic Brown

I want to thank everyone who voted for me and gave me your support. It was great fun to be involved in an upset of this magnitude and you all made it possible!

The B-Movie Celebration continues this weekend (Sept 25-27) in Shelbyville & Franklin, Indiana, with movies, seminars, parties, and more. Check out additional info at:

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Jim O’Rear

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